8 Best Online Writing Tools For College Students

8 Best Online Writing Tools For College Students

Millions of students face tricky papers every day. The constant process of doing homework, writing essays, and other assignments requires a whole set of tools. But what if you're a beginner and don't know where to start? Is it worth spending money on a subscription that gives you access to certain services? Here are some great online writing tools that can help you simplify your day-to-day paper writing process.

Google Docs

Chances are, you've at least once heard of Google Docs as the most useful online tool for students. In fairness, anyone can use a text editor, online spreadsheet, slice to create notes and slides. This is very convenient because you can use one account and an infinite number of devices anywhere in the world. Let's say you want to create a draft for your essay or dissertation. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Open free writing tools (text file, spreadsheet, or presentation).
  2. Start writing or copying links.
  3. All data will be automatically saved.
  4. You can add new paragraphs at any time later.

As you can see, this is an excellent free solution that can replace Microsoft Office and is not inferior to other paid tools in terms of functionality. All you need is a Windows or Android device to connect to the Internet and work with your text. This solution is the most rational for students who want their papers to be always at hand.


Imagine an ideal world where every student has enough time to write any paper without mistakes. Doesn't this look like a utopia? Usually, you won't even have free time to sleep. Needless to say that a busy learning schedule is the main factor of a large number of errors in the texts? Grammarly allows you to tackle a whole list of writing aspects such as:

  • grammar;
  • spelling;
  • delivery;
  • engagement;
  • clarity.

As you can see, this is a whole set of writing tools for students. Unfortunately, the basic version has several limitations. However, even the ability to correct punctuation, basic errors, and a few other options will be a great addition for you. Typically, students can skip some commas or make a weak sentence. In addition, this tool will allow you to improve every paragraph and even choose the style that will best suit your target audience (for your purposes).

Hemingway Editor

This is another online tool that has similar functionality. You can check adverbs, find the passive voice and explore alternatives to create sentences. In addition, this application allows you to paste the text into a special window right in your browser. In just a couple of seconds, Hemingway Editor can mark all suggestions that have errors or any inaccuracies. You can use this as an additional step in self-control.

Capitalize My Title

When it comes to online writing tools for students, many people think of feature-rich software components. But what if sometimes you need one simple function that is not available in a text editor? Capitalize My Title is a small website that allows you to generate title capitalization for free. Let's say your professor has given you clear requirements for using the APA, Chicago, or MLA style.

But are you willing to rely solely on your skills, especially if you edit your paper at midnight? Then, you will most likely need outside help. All you need is to copy your title and paste it into a special form on the site. A fast online generator will help you with capitalization. Thanks to such a tool, you don't have to worry that any title will be misspelled.

Word Counter

If you have at least once faced the need to write several essays a day, then you should know how difficult it is to find the necessary words. The writing process is similar to wrapping a box with plastic. The more layers you use, the fewer markings you will see on the box. Sometimes students get so tired that they use the same words in almost every sentence or paragraph. Here is a list of the most commonly used words:

  • anyway;
  • sort of;
  • you see;
  • basically;
  • like.

Word Counter can help you quickly identify all the words you use frequently. This tool is perfect for finding synonyms and making your paper look better. Plus, you don't have to pay money to use all the options. First, open the website and copy your text. After that, you need to choose synonyms and continue writing paragraphs.


Some tools may not be directly related to writing, but using them will help improve your entire educational experience. How about using StayFocusd while creating essays or research papers? The essence of this tool is to limit the time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. Most students tend to watch YouTube videos and consume digital content instead of looking for data for essays and other assignments.

StayFocusd automatically blocks access to websites after a specified period. This option is handy enough as you can cut down on wasted time. This option is especially useful when you are in a hurry and must manage to write something in a short space of time. Plus, the tool is free, so you can install a browser extension and experience a new stage in your student life.


How often have you tried to write an essay but stopped because all your thoughts got mixed up in your head? Most likely, this situation has happened to you at least once. This is why you should use Bubbl.us. This tool allows you to visualize your thoughts. Create a mini-map and organize all the points so as not to miss important details. This tool is very simple and helps you organize your points, so you know where to start. Now you don't have to remember what your paragraph is about.


Here is the most innovative tool to help you determine how well your assignment fits the level of education. For example, let's say you have collected and analyzed a lot of data, but your wording and proposals are very poor. Most likely, this will be a serious obstacle on the way to high grades. This tool allows you to quickly identify any problem with the text so that you can rewrite or paraphrase any part of your paper.