70 Good Analytical Essay or Report Topics For College Students

70 Good Analytical Essay or Report Topics For College Students

Analytical essay and report writing need learners to examine a particular topic in more detail and compose a paper that helps understand it. They need to briefly describe a particular book, event, art, etc. However, unlike descriptive essay writing, students need to develop an argument and support it with evidence. A paper should be composed from a writer's perspective.

The main purpose of this assignment is to examine the ability of students to understand the material and compose their thoughts. In most cases, writers provide the ability for undergraduates to pick a title by themselves, so they can analyze a topic they are interested in. Unfortunately, it may be hard for some learners to pick a title for their paper. Nevertheless, they can spend a lot of time exploring analytical research paper topics and finding the top one that will help them develop the best arguments and showcase their proficiency as writers.

How to Develop Best Topic

There is nothing complicated about developing an outstanding title for an analytical essay or a report paper, even if you're a freshman. For starters, you need to brainstorm. It is a very useful method of generating new ideas fast. Feel free to gather your mates and create a list of all the ideas that arise in your minds. If your friends have the same assignment, they also can choose titles for their essays from the list. 

After creating a list of analysis essay prompts, you need to narrow it by crossing out topics that nobody from your group liked. Research to learn more about the titles on your list. Next, you need to flag the most interesting ones. Analyze the top titles. Discover the amount of information to explore and its credibility. Finally, pick the most eye-catching title that will help you create an interesting and engaging analysis essay or report.

Good Analytical Essay Topics for Students

Unfortunately, some learners don't have enough spare time to develop a catchy title. In such a case, they surf the Internet, trying to find the best one that fits all their needs. In case you're a student who experiences any issues with creating an interesting topic for your writing, look no further. In the post below, you will be able to find a wide selection of topics for creating an astonishing report or analytical essay. If none of the titles match your needs, you're free to update the prompts to form an original and interesting title. 

Analytical Essay Topics on Education

Students spend most of their time attending lectures, doing homework, and learning new skills. They do know how education works and experience all the issues by themselves. Therefore, study titles are one of the most popular among undergraduates. By picking an educational topic, you will be able to write your paper fast. You won't be required to research and explore tons of different materials to understand a particular topic. The list of the prompts on learning below will help you come up with new ideas fast.

  1. What Are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Uniforms in Colleges?
  2. Should Particular Books Be Banned by the Government or Educational Institutions?
  3. What Are the Reasons for Bullying in Colleges?
  4. Is Modern Education Good Enough to Support the Fast-Paced Growth Worldwide?
  5. How Can Gadgets Improve the Way Students Learn New Skills?
  6. Is There a Need for Paper Textbooks and Notebooks in Colleges in the Digital Era?
  7. Do Standardized Tests Help Evaluate the Knowledge of Every Child?
  8. How Is It Important to Keep Students Engaged and Motivated to Achieve Good Academic Results?
  9. Does Homework Really Help Increase the Number of Skills Obtained by Learners?
  10. Can Remote Education Replace Face-to-Face Learning In Classes?
  11. What Are the Pros and Cons of Free Education for Everyone?
  12. Does a Degree Guarantee Have a Wealthy Life?
  13. What Should the Minimum Standards in Education Be?
  14. Should Undergraduates Have an Active Student Life to Maintain a High GPA?
  15. How to Verify the Information Provided by Tutors During Lectures?

Literary Analysis Topics

Analytical essay topics assigned by tutors are almost always related to a specific reading. Professors assign this type of homework to examine how good learners read and understand particular literature. At the same time, they check the writing skills of undergraduates. Notwithstanding, learners also like to pick literary analysis research paper topics to showcase how they understand a publication. If you want to create a report on a piece of literature, check out the samples below.

  1. Behavior and Personal Traits of the Lead Character. 
  2. The Atmosphere of the Writing.
  3. Author's Attitude to Multiculturalism in a Publication.
  4. Value Of a Story for Undergraduates.
  5. Rise Of the Popularity of Horror Stories.
  6. How Do Modern Authors Present the Past Century?
  7. The Historical Context of a Book.
  8. The Sanctity of War in Ancient Stories.
  9. Importance of the Main Action in a Narrative.
  10. The Veracity of Facts Presented in a Book.
  11. The Influence of the Author's Background on a Story.
  12. The Hidden Message Conveyed By an Author.
  13. Unique Narrative Peculiarities of a Writer.
  14. The Similarity of Two Different Narratives Published by a Writer.
  15. The Top Metaphors Used by an Author in a Book.

Critical Thinking Essay Topics

When students want to showcase their analytical skills, they need to choose a critical thinking title. This type of topic needs them to take a deep dive into a reviewed problem and examine different points of view. Learners need to develop a thesis statement and analyze an issue from their perspective. All the arguments have to be supported by evidence from credible sources. Finally, they need to conclude information that supports their point of view. The title of a critical thinking essay should be controversial and evoke the desire to explore a topic in more detail right away.

  1. The Reasons for Intolerance in Religions.
  2. The Future of Technology and the Use of Robots.
  3. Negative Effects of Fast-Paced Development.
  4. Should People Pay Taxes That Will Support the Recycling Industries to Save the Planet?
  5. Differences Among Children Grown by Single- and Dual-Parent Families.
  6. Is It Possible to Succeed For a Company Without Using Advertisements?
  7. Is There a Real Need to Build Space Colonies?
  8. Should Society Provide More Support to Unemployed People?
  9. Will People Be Able to Lower the Number of Cars on Roads?
  10. Do Robots Really Reduce the Number of Jobs?
  11. Can Machines Fight People Autonomously?
  12. Do Criminals Get Punished Too Cruelly?
  13. Do Vegans Have Healthier Bodies Than Meat-Eaters?
  14. What Are the Signs of Unhealthy Relationships?
  15. Should Students Pay Non-Refundable Application Fees?

Social Analytical Essay Topics for College

All people live in societies. Therefore, any social topic will reflect in the lives of readers. It means that you will be able to develop a catchy title with ease. All that you need to do is find a popular event important for people and analyze it. Try to find the circumstances that started a particular issue in society. Also, don't be shy about analyzing the outcomes and forming your personal point of view. The list of examples of social analytical report topics below will be helpful for you.

  1. Should Graffiti Be Considered Street Art?
  2. What Are the Peculiarities of a Multicultural Society?
  3. Differences in Mindsets of Men and Women.
  4. Should All People Use the Same Language Worldwide?
  5. How Immigrants Shape Different Societies?
  6. Do Different Genders Need to Have Equal Rights and Responsibilities?
  7. What Are Crucial Aspects of the Work-Life Balance?
  8. Reasons Why Euthanasia Should Be Legal.
  9. Best Ways to Fight Bullying in Educational Institutions.
  10. Should the Government Share Earnings With People?
  11. Reasons Why Fines Should Depend On the Income of Individuals.
  12. How Music Helps People Lower Stress.
  13. Should Stores and Eateries Provide Leftovers to Shelters?
  14. Information as an Instrument in a War Between Countries.
  15. Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games for Undergraduates.

Top 10 Topics for Analysis Essays

In case none of the variants above caught your eye, scroll down below. Finally, you can find the selection of the ten best titles for composing a report that will force a lot of people to read a paper. These topics are important for most people, so you will find one that will drive you to research and gather more information.

  1. Why Is It Important to Work In a Team to Achieve Success?
  2. Is It Good to Highlight Cultural Identity in a Multicultural Society?
  3. Is Democracy a Tyranny for a Minority?
  4. Can China Become the World's Leading Country in the Next 20 Years?
  5. Why Do Young People Stare At Their Smartphones Many Hours a Day?
  6. Can Criminals Start Working In the Police?
  7. Should the Government Fight Poverty Harder? 
  8. What Are the Therapeutic Benefits of Having Pets?
  9. Should Developed Countries Pay Reparations to Previously Colonized Ones?
  10. What Can Force Nationalism to Rise In Societies in the Future?

If you can hardly consider which topic is the best for an analytical essay, share this post with your friends and ask them to select the top five titles. It will help you pick the top title, following your mates' recommendations. However, if you need the assistance of a professional, feel free to reach your tutor or contact an essay writing company so that a skilled writer will develop the best title. In addition, you can request experts to help you with getting your assignment done on time.