60 Easy Evaluation Essay Topics for College

60 Easy Evaluation Essay Topics for College

There are so many academic writing assignments that students need to master over the course of their studies. Each assignment has a unique nature, purpose, and structure. You’ll need to learn everything about each one of them to get your degree. One of these assignments will be an evaluation essay. This paper will require you to show off your analytical skills and critical thinking skills. It’s not the hardest essay to write. Yet, it has its perks you’d need to consider before working on it. 

One of the most important tasks here will be choosing a topic for your future work. As this type of paper doesn’t set any limitations on the subject of your work, you can really struggle when narrowing down your choices. So let’s see the best way to do it.

What Is an Evaluation Essay?

The purpose of this assignment is to present an overview or an opinion about the subject of your work. Thus, it must assess the quality of something that we are discussing. The subject of your work can be anything you’d like, from books and movies to businesses, products,  and theories. Hence, with this work, you offer your judgment, supported by the evidence, on the quality and nature of things.

Keep in mind, though, that it is not a persuasive essay. Hence, you don’t have to make an effort to convince anyone about your judgment. You just have to offer your own assessment of the subject. All good evaluation essay examples for students will show how much creativity, research, and work such an assignment can actually take. You’ll need to pick a theme that will underline your strengths and demonstrate your best qualities. 

How to Write an Evaluation Paper? 

As per usual, you have to start the work on your paper by picking the right theme, topic, and scope of writing. Hence, you have to do some digging. Search for interesting ideas and things that can become a perfect subject for your work. 

Next, once you have decided on what you are writing about, you better choose the scope of what you are going to say. You need to narrow down the theme of your work and find a unique and interesting angle. Thus, you’ll be able to create something original and new. Finally, decide on a thesis statement that will help you send the right question. All good evaluation essay examples should have a strong thesis statement that serves as the foundation of your future work. 

Third, do your research and see how you can support your thesis. You must build enough good arguments and find proper evidence to answer the main question of your work. Make sure you can find enough resources on the subject of your writing. Without them, your work will be incomplete. 

At last, you can move on to drafting and structuring your essay. Think how long it must be or how many sections you are planning to have. Next, outline your introduction, main body, and conclusion. In addition, once you are done with writing, editing and proofreading your work. Only after that last stage, your paper is complete and ready for submission. 

How to Choose Topics for an Evaluation Essay?

One of the best ways to choose the right theme for your paper is by going with something you already know and like. Pick something of your interests and elaborate on that. You’ll see that such a choice will reduce the time needed to complete the work since you already know some information about it. Hence, you can develop an interesting angle of your research right away. 

Another tip here is to go with the theme of your class. Recall what you have been discussing in your classes and how some of those themes can inspire you in your search. For instance, if you were taking a few hours to discuss French literature in the 19th century, perhaps you can pick an author from that time and explain how he was the best one in their generation. Overall, seek inspiration within your college walls. You’ll be surprised how much they can offer you. 

Once you decide on the subject of your work, you should explain this choice in the text. 

Justifying an evaluation essay topics, you’ll need to explain why you find the subject of your work important, how it is relevant to your studies, and what you can achieve by assessing it. Overall, each topic must deliver the message that you set for it. 

It all seems rather simple at first. However, many students still struggle with finding the best and most interesting topics for their essays. That’s okay. Sometimes making a choice can be a really hard thing to do. That is why we have prepared a few lists of topics on various themes that you may enjoy. See them for yourself!

Easy Evaluation Essay Topics

We have come up with several interesting topics for those of you who are struggling with their choices. Often, it’s not the subject of your work that matters most but your ability to present it. So don’t be afraid to go with some easy topics as long as you can present them in a fun, unique, and professional way. Here are a few examples of easy but good evaluation essay topics for college students. You are welcome! 

  1. Evaluate your favorite dining place. 
  2. Analyze your academic progress over the past year. 
  3. Characterize your best friend (family member).
  4. Evaluate the progress you have achieved in sports (art, academia, hobbies).
  5. Analyze the season your favorite team has this year. 
  6. How does the school system handle bullying? 
  7. Top five reasons to use (Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.).
  8. Top five reasons not to use social media. 
  9. Reading a book is better than watching a movie.
  10. My parents’ favorite music style. 

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

So, here you just need to find an argument that you want to discuss in your essay. Overall, it will be the center of your work. Often, such assignments are given regardless of the discipline or majors you study. It’s just there to test your analytical skills and ability to build proper arguments. Hence, this topic. You may feel free to pick a subject of your liking and build your work around it. If you still struggle with what to choose here, consider some of the examples we offer below. 

  1. How social media provokes the mental health crisis.
  2. How does smoking affect stress levels?
  3. Assess the disadvantages of distance learning for college students.
  4. Evaluate the success of the college football team this season.
  5. Which education system is better: American or British?
  6. How does advertising affect our judgment?
  7. Schools contribute to the mental health crisis among the youth.
  8. Is sugar such a bad thing for our health?
  9. The impact of cold seasons on depression.
  10. The gender pay gap affects the world’s economy.

Evaluation Essay Political Topics

Politics plays a huge role in our society. It affects all spheres in our lives, whether we recognize it or not. That is why it is important to know how to critically assess political news and decisions. When you choose to write an evaluation essay on politics, you should consider how much you can analyze, what issues are relevant to today’s world, and what you personally feel passionate about. Overall, this field can provide you with numerous great materials and ideas. Let’s see some of the examples:

  1. Political decisions that have changed the course of history (pick an example and analyze it).
  2. Populism: how it works and hurts society.
  3. Analyze the political leadership of the current president.
  4. Rate the top five politicians of our time. 
  5. Explain nationalism in the US. 
  6. Analyze one of the recent political decisions made by the office. 
  7. Evaluate the educational system in your country. 
  8. Explain your relationships with politics.
  9. Pick a politician and evaluate their work. 
  10. Explain the failures in the healthcare system in your country. 

Environmental Topics to Evaluate

Environmental studies are always a good field for debate and assessing human behavior. Here, you can find lots of interesting, relevant, and even urgent topics to discuss. Overall, assessing ideas, theories, and approaches about the environment can not only help you learn more about the world and how we can help it but educate others about those things as well. So here are the ten ideas you can use for your next writing project. 

  1. A vegan diet is the only environmentally friendly diet. 
  2. Assess the role of corporations in climate change. 
  3. Evaluate the human impact on deforestation.
  4. Analyze the Paris Agreement.
  5. How are cows hurting the environment and speeding up climate change?
  6. Do we do enough to educate people about climate change?
  7. How does a zero-waste strategy fail to manage global environmental issues?
  8. Analyze your actions to be more eco-friendly.
  9. Evaluate US (or any other country) efforts to combat climate change in 2020. 
  10.  Explain how plastic recycling is not enough to stop plastic pollution.

Topics about Art, Films, and Literature

Art is one of the most interesting and fun disciplines to write an evaluation essay. Do you know why? Art is a very personal and often biased field. Hence, students get to use this assignment to express themselves, their views, beliefs, and opinions to the fullest. We may not have much of an opinion about technology or politics, for instance, but we all have opinions about art. The songs you listen to, books you read, films you watch - all of these can become a great inspiration for your paper. Let’s see some examples of that. 

  1. Analyze the classical English book.
  2. Analyze the latest movie you have seen in the cinema.
  3. Evaluate how the latest rom coms define the idea of romance on the screen. 
  4. Analyze any historical movie and estimate its relevance to modern times.
  5. Rate all seven Harry Potter books and explain their order.
  6. Choose a specific art movement and analyze its role in the art industry.
  7. Review a theatrical play that you have personally seen.
  8. Assess several movies directed by the same director. 
  9. Analyze a book that you didn’t like and state the part that didn’t work for you. 
  10. Select your favorite author and explain your choice. 

Keep in mind that you should provide some additional background to your topic when writing about media and art. For instance, explain the genre of your subject and the main features of this genre. Also, use at least several criteria to build your analysis on, such as character development, narration, camera work, or else. 

Essay Topics About Technology

These days, we can’t imagine our lives without technology. Still, how much do we really know about them? Do we fully understand their roles in our society? Sometimes, it seems like we don’t see way more than there is to it. An essay on technological thematics can be a real eye-opener to many. Such works will not only assess the quality of certain tech products. They can also demonstrate the true power of technologies. Here are a few ideas for you to write about:

  1. The reasons video games can help with stress and anxiety among students.
  2. Ways social media has changed our lives.
  3. Technologies have improved the system of education. 
  4. Explain how you use your favorite gadgets. 
  5. Assess the role of technologies in our day-to-day lives. 
  6. How much has the world changed with advanced technologies?
  7. Top three travel applications.
  8. Analyze the role of robots in modern production. 
  9. Explain how your laptop works.
  10. Explain why Mac (or Windows) is better than the other. 

The Bottom Line

Writing an evaluation essay can be a lot of fun as long as you feel good about what you are working on. Hence, choosing the right topic here is not just good for your overall success and good grades. It’s also important for you and how you feel while working on your assignment. Choosing a subject that you are genuinely interested in analyzing is a crucial element to a good paper. After all, while working, you can change a lot of things along the way and accept what you are working about. Hence, you have to be extra careful when making a final decision. Hopefully, you found some inspiration in our guide.