40 Good Dissertation Topics in Architecture

40 Good Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Dissertation writing is a crucial stage in the lives of students. This type of academic writing showcases their skills. Consequently, it affects their ability to get a job after graduation. Therefore, students always spend a lot of time creating an engaging paper that will be scored by a top grade. When a tutor does not assign a dissertation topic, they need to pick a title by themselves. Even though it brings more flexibility and increases the chances of writing an outstanding paper, it can become a real challenge that takes a lot of time and effort.

The dissertation title choosing sets the way a student will need to write a dissertation. A learner needs to juggle between picking a topic they are good at and one that will highlight their skills and knowledge in architecture. Consequently, it shouldn't be too generic and too complicated at the same time. Many undergraduates are afraid to develop a bad topic that won't impress their instructor and won't bring the ability to present their skills. If you're one of them, don't be shy about getting some architecture thesis topics from the post below. You're free to choose any of them and update the title to match your needs and field of study. 

Trendy Topics in Construction Planning

Indeed, a topic has to be present and imply the most recent trends in architecture. If you want to present yourself as an innovative architect, you have to pick an interesting title that can impress most professionals in the industry. For starters, you need to explore modern trends and create a list of the newest topics in architecture. Try to create a list of them and take a deeper dive into each of them to pick the most interesting one. Nevertheless, if you experience any possible issues with forming a great topic to discuss in your paper, you can always pick one of the trendy titles in architecture below.

  1. The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Architecture.
  2. The Importance of Inclusive Planning.
  3. Changes in Social Housing Planning According to Modern Standards. 
  4. The Impact of Fast-Paced Growth of Technology on Architecture.
  5. Eco-Friendly Construction Planning and Proper Natural Resources Usage in Buildings.
  6. The Importance of Modern Software Tools in Architecture.
  7. Demand in Working Spaces in Modern Buildings.
  8. Energy Efficient and Zero-Emission Housing to Support the Green Revolution.
  9. Digital Innovations in Housing Planning.
  10. Use of Recycled and Locally Sourced Materials in Construction.

Controversial Topics in Architecture

If you want your title to draw readers' attention, you should pick a debatable and controversial topic that will keep a lot of people engaged by a discussed problem. To pick such a title, you need to find an issue with zero or many good solutions. The topic should provoke some emotions that will force people to discuss it with others. Also, it may highlight some unforeseen problems that the industry may face. Having no time to research, you can always get one of the titles below.

  1. The Need for Raw Materials for Building and Decoration.
  2. Use of Artificial Intelligence for Creating Perfect Buildings.
  3. New Cities Development Caused by Climate Change.
  4. How to Keep the Balance Between Comfort and Efficiency While Planning Housing.
  5. Multicultural Construction Planning and Space Separation.
  6. Open Space Versus Privacy and Protection in Houses.
  7. Red Flags for Smart-Home Systems and Use of Robots in Architecture.
  8. Design of Public Places That Ensures Complete Equality for Everyone.
  9. Benefits of Portable and Expandable House Units.
  10. Drawbacks of using recycled sources in architecture.

Titles About Future of Architecture

Indeed the future of architecture is a very interesting topic for everyone. Even those who don't work in the industry always look for recent news, tendencies, and innovations in construction planning. In addition, most people would like to know how the future houses would look and how they will be used. However, suppose you want to dive deeper into the topic or already have a solid understanding of future architecture. In that case, try to create a top-notch dissertation by picking one of the topics below. Note that you can change them according to your perspective and outcomes after analyzing the corresponding information.

  1. Minimal Requirements for Living Space for One Person in 20 Years.
  2. Integration of Modern Buildings in Old Cities.
  3. Efficient Use of Compact Areas in Houses and Public Places.
  4. Use of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines in the Constructions of the Future.
  5. Fast Building Methods to Satisfy the Increased Demand in Housing.
  6. Developing Vertical Farms and Agriculture Units in Houses.
  7. Construction Planning in Flooded Areas Caused by Climate Changes.
  8. Buildings That Offer Comfortable Living in Extreme Conditions.
  9. Standardized Living for Affordable Housing.
  10. Optimized Usage of Water by Buildings of the Future.

Best Architecture Research Topics

If none of the topics from the categories above didn't draw your attention and you're still searching for the best title for your dissertation in architecture, look no further. Below, we have gathered the best topics for creating a paper in construction planning that will be scored by a top grade. So scroll down below and find the greatest title that will become the foundation of your paper.

  1. The Use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Architecture.
  2. Hassle-Free and Cheap Maintenance of Green Buildings.
  3. Robustness of Recycled Materials for Buildings.
  4. Innovation for Creating the Tallest Buildings in the World.
  5. Design of Inclusive and Accessible Spaces.
  6. The Most Popular Nightmares of an Architect. 
  7. Fast Construction of Temporary Buildings.
  8. Seamless Renovation Ideas for Old Cities.
  9. Planning of Public Places With the Use of Predictive Behavior Modeling.
  10. How to Find a Balance Between Art and Science in Architecture Properly?

Each of the topics above is good for creating an outstanding dissertation. Nevertheless, you should remember that it's impossible to compose an A+ paper by picking a good topic only. You also need to have outstanding writing skills to create a natural and logical flow that will be easy to read and understand. Also, you need to arrange all your ideas properly and make your paper free of any typos. Like many students, you may not feel capable of creating a top-notch presentation that will match the highest standards. In that case, it's recommended to get professional writing assistance to get your dissertation scored by a top grade.