30+ Good Capstone Project Ideas + How to Find Them

30+ Good Capstone Project Ideas + How to Find Them

Sometimes, it can’t be easy to develop senior capstone project ideas, especially if you don’t know why you do this work. However, you should realize that you perform such a piece of work for a reason — you are taught how to find, collect, and analyze information. Therefore, consider such culminating assignments as an opportunity to become smarter. 

If it’s a big problem for you to think of capstone project ideas, proceed with reading this article. We’ll show you more than 30 examples of ideas and tell you how to come up with topics concurrently. So let’s dive in!


If you want to choose a good topic for your work, you should know all the ins and outs of your subject. Also, it’s a good idea to read other students’ and professors’ terms on your subject because you understand what specialists are worried about in your niche. For example, what are the main questions in your subject now? Knowing this, you can easily find new topics. Let’s see examples on engineering:

  1. How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint in Manufacturing by Promoting Green Engineering?
  2. How to Make Stem More Appealing to Young Students?
  3. How Can Engineering Solve the Climate Change Problem? How to Find Approaches for Cities With the Largest Annual Floods, Such as New York, Miami, and New Orleans?

As you see, some engineering ideas for capstone projects are connected with the environment. It’s okay because all things are interconnected in our world, and your topics can also be related to different disciplines. But you should talk about it with your professor; maybe you should choose only your subject, and connections with other disciples won’t hit the spot. 


The principle of finding good capstone topics on nursing is to watch the main news in medicine and read nursing essays, terms, and other papers. 

Use current events to find topics of your project. For example, now the ADHD issue is really relevant because the number of ADHD people is increasing. So let’s consider this problem and find some ideas for a project:

  1. How Good Are Video Games for ADHD Children?
  2. How to Beat ADHD in Children?
  3. How to Cure ADHD Among Adult People?
  4. How Does Social Media Impact ADHD Occurrence Among Children?

Or you can pay attention to technologies and write about their impact on nursing. As a result, you’ll get ideas on nursing informatics. For instance:

  1. Biometric and Their Potential Dangers.
  2. Is It Possible to Get a Full Consultation With the Specialist Online?
  3. What Processes in Medicine Can Be Automated by Using It?

As we’ve said, many topics are interconnected. So talk about it with your professor to avoid misunderstandings. 

The Internet and Cybersecurity

If you’re a fan of spending your time on social media and websites, as well as programming, maybe you’ve thought about your privacy and sometimes anonymity if you find information and don’t want to leave logs in your journal in a browser. Therefore, your love of gadgets and the Internet can help you find an idea for your project. You can take current events as a topic for your project or events that ended recently to analyze their effect and understand if they fail or not. For example:

  1. Is Starlink a Failure Project or a Genius Idea of Elon Musk?
  2. Will Neeva Be Popular Among Internet Users, or Will They Prefer to Find Information in Free Search Engines?
  3. Why Is Google Chrome Bad for Students Who Are Anxious About Their Privacy?

As you see, such topics are based on current events in the world. Digital is a niche that is developing really fast; hence, it isn’t difficult to find a topic — it’s enough to check websites and blogs dedicated to cybersecurity and privacy. 

MBA Capstone Project Ideas: Marketing and Economics

MBA is a niche where you can find tons of topics to write about. All you need to do is to look around and notice problems in management. For example, you’re sitting in math classes and see that the majority of students are bored. Why is it so? Thanks to this question can be one of the management capstone project ideas. For instance:

  1. How to Motivate Students to Learn Math?
  2. How to Make Math Classes More Interesting?

As you know, marketing is one of the subjects in MBA programs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think up a topic on marketing as in the 21st century we see ads every day, and the main source is the Internet. Hence, you can analyze banner ads or ads on social media and undertake a project on the following topics:

  1. Is the Investigation Into Marketing Worth It? (you can consider apple marketing and study its influence on purchases iPhone, for example);
  2. How Have Traditional Marketing Strategies Changed in the Internet Era?
  3. How Has Coronavirus Influenced E-Commerce?

To find a good topic for your project, you should monitor news in the world. Therefore, check news channels on Telegram or YouTube. You see a lot of economic news there, and it will become a good basis for your project topic:

  1. How Has Coronavirus Influenced Economics?
  2. What Economic System Is Needed to Improve?

You can find business capstone project ideas by looking around yourself. All you need is to be an observant student and interested in your subject. For example, it’s good to have a promoted startup in a certain niche, e. g. beauty. In this case, you can carry out your project about questions dedicated to startups in this niche. For instance:

  1. What Problems Does the Beauty Niche Face in 2021?
  2. What Impacts Trends in Beauty?
  3. How Does Social Media Influence Beauty Trends?

It will stand out as your piece of work as you base your thoughts on your own experience in management and business. 

Capstone Project Ideas High School Requires

The range of topics at high school is slightly narrower, but you can still come up with original ideas and surprise your teachers. Let the information that you’ve learned underpin your project. For example, consider what profession you want to have in the future and base your work on your willingness. Also, think about what subject is interesting for you to explore. 

Keep in mind that your assignment will stand out if you choose actual issues in your subject or issues related to students at high school. For example, many students like to start their businesses. Yes, it can be small, but the business itself. Congratulations! We’ve found topics for your project: 

  1. How to Create a Detailed Plan for Your Small Business?
  2. How to Promote Your Small Business?
  3. Should Your Business Have Social Media Accounts?

Turn to 2020 when Coronavirus comes. Then, all institutions switched to online education. Okay, let’s explore such topic and find new ideas:

  1. What Problems Did People Face When Switching to E-Learning?
  2. What Problems in Online Education Did People in Third-World Countries Face?
  3. Are Virtual High School Classes the Future of Learning?

Or you notice that some of your classmates are stressed. Okay, you can consider the following ideas:

  1. How to Reduce Stress Among Students?
  2. How Does Stress Impact Students’ Academic Performance?
  3. How Does Social Media Impact Students’ Stress?

If you have multiple high school capstone project ideas, you can talk with your teacher about them and pick out the best one. Likewise, it’s a good idea to ask your classmates about the topic you’ve chosen to learn their opinions and think about it to open new sides of the question you’re exploring. 

The Bottom Line

Spend your time monitoring news in your niche and reading articles and other professors’ and students’ papers to understand the main questions in your subject nowadays. Such understanding helps you think outside the box and broadens your horizons. It’s better to pick out multiple ideas and talk with your professor or teacher to choose the best one.