200 Easy Research Paper Topics for College Students in 2021

200 Easy Research Paper Topics for College Students in 2021

Writing research papers is a must-do step in any educational process at college. In many cases, professors allow students to be creative with choosing a topic to complete this type of academic assignment. This privilege usually sounds great at first glance. However, thousands of learners might feel overwhelmed with a wide choice of interesting research topics they can find online. 

The truth is that you can easily get lost in countless research paper topics available on different websites. Moreover, exploring and narrowing down the solutions for your essay might appear too challenging. The reason is that many research topics for college available online are outdated or contain too broad concepts for the research. To make your investigation process easier, we’ve collected a list of 200 new and innovative topics for composing an impressive research essay, presentation, or report. No worries if you have little writing experience or creativity - this guide will help you choose a fresh solution for your assignments in no time. 

How to Choose Research Study Ideas for College Students

If the professor gives you complete freedom to pick up a topic, we have good news for you. Now, you can select a field or niche according to your individual preferences and background knowledge! There is no need to compose a boring paper that will make you yawn during the entire writing process. However, make sure you follow some basic rules of choosing good research paper topics below.

Stick to Your Favorite Topic 

Are you fond of cars? Feel free to research the benefits and drawbacks of electric automobiles. Can’t imagine your life without sports? Explore the dope issue in professional sports. The key to developing a successful paper is to write about the topic that makes you feel excited. If you write about something you show zero interest in, the process will likely slow down and become more challenging. Therefore, always try to find something inspiring.

Choose Understandable Solutions 

Many students are interested in modern technologies or space exploration. However, writing on these topics requires having advanced knowledge in the corresponding areas. Still, few learners can boast of having a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, computer programming, or space technologies. That is why it is better to look for easier and more comprehensive topics to write about. As a result, you will reduce the amount of time for research and cope with the college task faster. 

Make Sure You Will Find Enough Information 

When choosing ideas for a research paper, you need to make sure there are at least several reliable sources you can use for researching. The fact is that if you pick a truly out-of-the-box solution, you might fail to find enough relevant information about it. The same rule works for outdated topics. In case you select a played-out idea, you will hardly find new and up-to-date sources to support your idea. Here is a little hint for you: if you are looking for the relevant information for a chosen idea but fail to find anything suitable, it is better to change your topic. 

Look for Clear and Understandable Concepts and Issues 

When searching for the best research paper topics, don’t forget to think about your audience. What does it mean? The fact is that it is necessary to pick up a solution that is completely understandable for both you and the readers. In other words, avoid sticking to extremely difficult or complex topics that might make your audience feel confused. In case you use some specific terms in your paper that might be unfamiliar to the common reader, it is better to explain them briefly. 

Try to Be Specific 

Picking up too broad topics for research papers is one of the most common mistakes of hundreds of students. To avoid this issue, it is better to stay away from too general solutions that can be described from dozens of sides. Otherwise, you might go down in tons of diverse data and arguments you can use for your paper. Being precise and choosing only the most powerful facts are among the features of any successful student.

Look For Something Unique 

Picking up topics for a research paper some of your classmates are also writing about is never the best choice. It is better to select an idea you will be able to describe from an unusual perspective. If you prefer to cover simple and comprehensive topics, it will be great to try an innovative approach to describing facts. However, don’t experiment with the paper’s structure and focus on providing exclusive and original arguments only. The best research academic papers are intriguing and inspiring. 

Be In Trend 

There is nothing new that trendy topics attract more attention from the audience. The reason is that they have a huge unexplored potential and amazing research opportunities. If you pick up an emerging topic, you will likely get higher grades for your academic assignment. 

Simple Research Topics: Education 

If you are still wondering which idea is the best one for composing your research paper, it might be good to write about education. The truth is that this topic is one of the easiest to write about. Moreover, you will effortlessly find countless relevant sources to support your ideas related to education. Feel free to grab one of these handy solutions you can put into practice when writing your academic paper.

  1. Are Standardized Tests Good to Evaluate the Student’s Knowledge? 
  2. How to Make Education More Accessible for Students With Disabilities?
  3. Should Tuition Become Free at All Colleges in the United States?
  4. How Can Schools and Colleges Support International Students?
  5. Becoming a Student and a Successful Businessman: Is It Possible? 
  6. The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Education Sector
  7. The Benefits of Social Networking at College and University 
  8. The Innovations in the Education System of the United States 
  9. Is It Possible to Start Building a Career During Studies?
  10. How Can Schools Stop Violence Among Students? 
  11. Should American Learners Have a “Gap Year”?
  12. The Analysis of the Finnish Education System 
  13. Homeschooling vs. Learning in the Classroom
  14. British vs. American Education Systems
  15. The Teaching Technologies of the Future 
  16. Should College Students Have a Part-Time Job?
  17. Is There Any Discrimination at High Schools?
  18. Should Schools Have Sexual Education Lessons?
  19. Most Common Issues of Bilingual Education
  20. Why Do Students Need to Learn Religion at School? 
  21. How to Stop Cheating on Exams
  22. Student Loans: Pros and Cons
  23. The Pros and Cons of Same-Sex Classrooms
  24. The Development of Women’s Right to Education
  25. Montessori Method: Advantages and Drawbacks 
  26. Effective Ways to Improve the Quality of Teaching
  27. How Can the Issue of “Useless Classes” Be Solved?
  28. Should Colleges Become Business-Driven?
  29. How to Improve Modern Elementary Education?
  30. Should School Children Wear Uniforms?
  31. How to Stop Hazing at High Schools? 

Unique Research Topics on Health

To put it short, these solutions remain topical among young learners for years. If you would like to select a comprehensive and brilliant solution for your research paper, choosing topics related to health might help you finish your essay fast. What to research? Here is a list of ideas you can start writing about right now. 

  1. The Impact of Drugs on the Human Body
  2. How to Stop Consuming Too Much Junk Food?
  3. How Much Fruit and Vegetables Should a Common Student Consume per Day?
  4. The Correlation Between Mood and the Health of the Immune System 
  5. Is It Possible to Stop the COVID-19 Spread in All Countries?
  6. Why Do Many Girls Suffer From Anorexia During Their Studies?
  7. The Mental Issues of the Most Well-Known Criminals 
  8. The Impact of Classical Music on Overall Well-Being
  9. Main Reasons for Facing Serious Allergies
  10. The Importance of Regular Health Screenings 
  11. Ways to Prevent Serious Mental Diseases
  12. Kids’ Vaccination: Advantages and Risks
  13. Birth Control Issues in Developed Countries
  14. The Impact of Breastfeeding on the Kids’ Health
  15. The Impact of Insomnia on the Quality of Life
  16. Most Effective Ways to Control Obesity
  17. Top Reasons to Consume More Fats Regularly
  18. Artificial Vitamins: Should Everyone Consume Them?
  19. The Role of Nutrition for Maintaining Brain Health 
  20. How to Decrease Stress Levels of Teenagers
  21. The Pros and Cons of Reconstructive Surgery
  22. Acupuncture: The Hidden Health Benefits 
  23. The Most Important Aspects of Neonatal Nutrition 
  24. Impact of Emotional Stability on Human Health 
  25. Uncommon Solutions to Improve Short-Term Memory
  26. Should Elementary Schools Have Homework?
  27. The Psychology of Gifted People
  28. Top Issues of Cardiovascular Care
  29. How to Keep Your Brain Healthy
  30. The Impact of Sports on Human Health 
  31. The Future of Natural Medicine 
  32. New Strategies for Coma Recovery
  33. Basic Rules of Sun Safety 
  34. The Dangers of Low-Fat Diets
  35. The Future of Antibiotics Therapies
  36. Pros and Cons of Dietary Supplements 
  37. Non-Medical Cancer Treatments 
  38. Most Effective Ways to Make Your Brain Work Harder 
  39. Religion and Health
  40. Benefits of Swimming
  41. Eating Disorders 

Easy Research Paper Topics: Environment 

If you would like to follow the path of Greta Thunberg, it might be good to start your way with composing papers related to environment protection and ecology. Explore the main issues in this field and come up with an impressive research paper in a matter of a couple of hours. 

  1. The Main Dangers of Air Pollution
  2. Greenhouse Effect: Myths vs. Reality
  3. Ways to Stop Marine Pollution
  4. Advantages and Drawbacks of Using Pesticides in Agriculture
  5. GMO Products vs. Organic Food
  6. The Importance of “Green Programs” in Developing Countries
  7. The Problem of Radioactive Waste Disposal
  8. Should Environmental Regulations Become Stricter?
  9. Is the Problem of Global Warming Exaggerated?
  10. The Problem of Water Deficit in Developing Countries
  11.  Ways to Protect Endangered Wildlife 
  12. How Can an Individual Help Save an Environment?
  13. Why Should Children Learn About Global Warming?
  14. The Advantages of Solar Technologies
  15. The Main Dangers of Producing Too Much Plastic
  16. How to Start Using Eco-Friendly Products?
  17. The Changes in the Climate of Earth in the 21st Century
  18. The Analysis of the Deforestation Levels in South America
  19. How to Improve Access to Clean Water in All Countries Globally? 
  20. Is It Possible to Manage Overpopulation?
  21. The Prospects of Nuclear Energy
  22. Acid Rains

Interesting Topics to Research: Technology and Media 

Modern technologies are developing at a breakneck speed. The new solutions, apps, and approaches revolutionize different industries and elevate the quality of lives of millions of people. If you choose a nice solution about innovation and computing for your essay, you will definitely have a chance to attract the attention of the audience. Top research papers topics ideas are right here below! 

  1. The Possible Ways to Develop Artificial Intelligence Systems
  2. How Will Smartphones Change in the Near Future?
  3. The Benefits of Cloud Solutions in Storing Data
  4. Top Areas to Use Drone Technologies
  5. Ecommerce Solutions vs. Local Retailers
  6. Online Currencies and Their Impact on the Global Financial System
  7. How to Avoid the Dangers of the Dark Web?
  8. Will Self-Driving Cars Become Common in the Future?
  9. Privacy Issues Online
  10. The Future of Blogging
  11. Online vs. Offline Communication
  12. Will People Colonize Mars?
  13. Nanomedicine: Myths and Realities
  14. Online Payments and Paper Money 
  15. Breaking the Sound Barrier 
  16. Is Social Media a New Technology?
  17. Technologies That Might Impact Human Behavior
  18. Safest Ways to Store Information in the 21st Century 
  19. How Do Modern Technologies Allow People to Work From Home?
  20. The Impact of Modern Technologies on Globalization
  21. The Perspectives of Online Gaming
  22. The Impact of Advertisements on Kids and Teens
  23. Newest Technologies Used in Surgery
  24. Internet Addiction and the Ways to Prevent It 
  25. Censorship Control

Top Solutions Related to Business and Economy 

Many students are looking for research papers topics for college-related to the economy, e-commerce, and business. If you are one of them, explore this ultimate list of the newest ideas related to these popular spheres.

  1. Most Effective Ways to Improve the Economy of the Developed Countries
  2. How to Start Your Business in E-Commerce
  3. Modern Ways to Manage Inflation
  4. How to Fight Poverty and Hunger 
  5. The Role of Taxes in the Modern Economy
  6. How Did Industrialization Change the World?
  7. International Tourism During the Pandemic Times
  8. Industries That Were Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis
  9. The Correlation Between Culture and Economic Growth
  10. How Can Immigration Impact the Country’s Economy?
  11. The Global Pandemic and Employment Rates
  12. Role of a Leader in Modern Business
  13. Choosing the Best Work Environment 
  14. The Impact of Corporate Culture on the Employment Rate
  15. How to Set Up Effective Business Links?
  16. The Most Common Issue of Taxation of Small Businesses
  17. The Advantages of a Four-Day Workweek
  18. How to Stop Discrimination at the Workplace?
  19. Drawbacks of Using Unethical Business Practices
  20. Social Media Ads to Promote Small Businesses 
  21. How to Improve the Effectiveness of a Human Resource Department? 
  22. Why Do Companies Attract International Investors?
  23. Most Effective Types of Business Models
  24. How to Become More Competitive in a Chosen Market?
  25. Government Regulations and Business
  26. Basic Reasons to Increase the Minimum Wage in the United States
  27. Most Promising Business Ideas for the Near Future

Hot Topics for Research Paper: Family and Communication

Family is an essential part of our lives. How to set up healthy family relationships? What is the role of parents in raising children? Feel free to use any of these ideas for your research paper.  By the way, good research topics related to communication are also collected in this paragraph. 

  1. Marital Rape and Its Impact on the Personality
  2. Impact of Divorce on Kids and Teens
  3. How to Stop Abusive Relationships?
  4. How to Make Your Children Happier?
  5. Effective Ways to Solve Conflicts in Families
  6. How to Improve Communication Between Siblings?
  7. Role of Grandparents in Raising Children 
  8. Lack of Communication Between Family Members
  9. Why Do Children Kill Abusive Parents?
  10. The Impact of Parents’ Depression on Their Children
  11. Happy Childhood and Leadership 
  12. Advantages of Having a Big Family
  13. Drugs and Alcoholism in Modern Families
  14. Impact of Home Life on Child Development 
  15. Do All Children Need to Respect Their Parents?
  16. The Criticism of Freud’s Theories
  17. Important Parental Rights
  18. Gender Roles in the Family
  19. Basic Family Values
  20. Domestic Abuse 

Easy and Interesting Research Paper Topics

Many students face difficulties when choosing an idea for composing an academic paper. If you are not good at writing on education, health, business, or family relationships, it might be great to search for something more exciting. Here is a list of diverse topics you might find good-looking. 

  1. The Role of International Health Organizations in Modern Society 
  2. Corporate and Business Laws: Most Common Issues
  3. Why Do Many People Watch TV Shows and Series?
  4. Future of Chinese Economy
  5. The Future of Video Streaming Services
  6. Women’s Rights in the Modern World
  7. How to Support Global Peacekeeping 
  8. Gender Stereotypes in Advertising
  9. Classical Hollywood Cinema 
  10. Landmark Court Decisions
  11. Possible Ways to Use 3d Printers
  12. Portrayals of Superheroes in Movies
  13. Cannabis Legalization: Pros and Cons
  14. Should Companies Stop Animal Testing?
  15. Criminalizing Protests
  16. Socialism vs. Capitalism
  17. How Has Feminism Changed Over the Years?
  18. Origins of Racial Discrimination 
  19. Should Modern People Read More?
  20. Top Effective Promotion Solutions for Startups
  21. Crowdfunding & Outsourcing
  22. Policies That Are Related to Transgenders 
  23. Role of Cultural Revolutions
  24. How to Decrease Crime Rates in Big Cities?
  25. What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Fracking?
  26. Freedom of Religion: Basic Issues
  27. Body Cameras for Police Officers: Pros and Cons
  28. Should Penalties for Drunk Driving Become Stricter?
  29. Abstinence Program: Do They Truly Work?
  30. The Importance of Writing Research Papers at Colleges
  31. Effective Techniques to Erase Bad Memories 
  32. Ways to Solve the Immigration Crisis
  33. Stereotypes in Modern Culture
  34. Gun Safety and Control Policies

Top Tips to Writing a Winning Research Paper 

Picking up an excellent topic is only about 20% of the job you need to do to compose a flawless research paper. What’s next? Are there any prompts that might help you finish your assignment in no time? Sure! Our experts are ready to share some secrets on composing fantastic essays within the shortest terms. 

Double-Check the Professor’s Instructions 

The secret truth is that there are many types of research papers you might face during your studies. Consequently, these papers might have different requirements and writing rules you need to follow. How to find out how to compose your essay? The easiest way to discover all details is to read the instructions shared by the professor. Although it is a must step all students need to do before they start writing, many learners often forget about this easy rule. By the way, what information can you find in the college writing instructions? As a rule, you will find these types of data:

  • deadlines for completing assignments;
  • formatting styles;
  • the tone of voice you need to use;
  • assignment goals;
  • length specifications;
  • list of topics;
  • key features for your writing;
  • submission method;
  • most common mistakes you need to avoid. 

It is recommended to read the instructions at least a couple of times to make sure you understand all the requirements and specifications of your research paper. Avoid starting to write your essay before you’ve learned its basic rules. 

Be Realistic 

Many students are very confident about their research and writing skills. Therefore, thousands of learners still believe they can effortlessly develop a top-notch research paper in just a couple of hours. However, even professional writers can’t compose a superior 3000-word essay in just an hour. 

Therefore, it is vital to be realistic when setting up your individual deadlines and creating writing schedules to cope with your academic assignments. Even if you choose current research topics that are incredibly easy to write about, you will still need to do advanced research, choose trustworthy sources, and pick up the most impressive arguments for your paper. All these tasks might take you plenty of time. 

It is also not recommended to write research papers at the last moment. First, you might fail to meet the deadline. Second, you might easily come up with poor quality writing because of being unattentive. Third, you will hardly have enough time to proofread and edit your essay. Fourth, when in a hurry, you might copy and paste data from different sources into your paper. This will inevitably lead to extremely high plagiarism levels. All these issues might lead to receiving low grades for your academic assignment. 

Follow the Rules 

There are many writing rules you will need to follow. However, the basic one is to choose a traditional structure of an academic paper. In other words, your research paper will need to have an introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Avoid being creative when choosing the structure of your paper - it is the worst place for showing off your innovation. If you would like to stand out from the crowd of other learners, it is better to select an out-of-the-box topic for your assignment. 

Proofread and Edit Your Paper

 Many students are so tired of doing the research and writing that they often forget to proofread their papers. However, this is an important step in completing any type of academic assignment. If you proofread your essay, you can easily detect dozens of inconsistencies, mistakes, and typos. Moreover, you can also find some repetitive phrases, sentences, or facts in your paper. All these issues can drastically worsen your quality of writing. Even if you are sure your writing is 100% excellent, make sure to proofread it before passing it to the professor. 

Check Originality 

Plagiarism is a true nightmare of any diligent student. How to avoid this serious issue when composing your academic paper? First, make sure to share the results of your analysis uniquely and uncommonly. Second, use citations carefully. Third, check your essay for plagiarism online! You can find dozens of plagiarism detecting tools and utilities designed for students on many websites. Feel free to use a couple of solutions to make sure your essay is fresh and original. If you suddenly find out your paper has a high plagiarism level, make sure to make significant modifications and be more original. After that, double-check your essay once again. 

The Best Way to Get a Perfect Research Paper 

There are plenty of important research topics you can use in your academic writing. But what if you’ve chosen a great idea but fail to compose a unique and flawless paper? Is there any solution if you don’t have enough time to meet the professor's deadline? Sure!

Thousands of students fail to deliver college or university assignments on time. The reasons for this issue might significantly vary. Some learners are not skilled writers, while others might not have a deep understanding of the chosen field. Moreover, many students are trying to build careers or dedicate all their free time to sports. Anyway, failure to meet deadlines might worsen the student’s academic performance and other problems related to studies. The good news is that you can avoid facing all these issues!

Our professional writers are always ready to help you complete any type of research paper within the shortest terms. You don’t need to provide any reasons for asking for writing help - we understand the students’ pain and can provide you with pro assistance anytime. Just place an order on our website, choose the deadline, and forget about all your learning issues. You will get a perfectly written academic paper right when you need it. We have thousands of happy customers and impressive guarantees, so you can always trust our service. We value each customer and always deliver superior papers to each of our clients.