101 Good Informative Essay Topics and Ideas

101 Good Informative Essay Topics and Ideas

Composing an informative essay is often tricky and challenging. Furthermore, many learners face significant difficulties when choosing the topic for their assignment. Is there any easy way to get good informative essay topics online? Sure! In this post, you will find out the most innovative prompts on developing the idea for your essay and a hotlist of the freshest topics. It’s time to focus and get your papers done in no time!

Before You Dive Into the World of Informative Essay Ideas

The first thing that requires some clarification is the core concept of this type of academic assignment. An informative essay is about sharing your knowledge on a particular subject with the readers. It should cover a comprehensive, up-to-date, and trustworthy idea or solution. What are the most necessary features of informative paper topics? 

  • reflect your interests;
  • provide the readers with new information;
  • supported with reliable facts;
  • can be described in several pages.

How to Pick Up Informative Research Paper Topics

The process of searching for the most winning idea might take you much time. However, these basic tips might help you speed up the process and grab a top-notch solution within the shortest terms.

Explore Professor’s Instructions 

Although you might already know how to write your academic paper and are familiar with all writing rules, reading the professor’s instructions is never a bad idea. The secret truth is that teachers often provide students with a list of easy topics they can choose from! Just be attentive and read the entire guidelines from beginning to end. In many cases, you will find tons of necessary information. Unfortunately, many students ignore these instructions and start looking for the necessary info online right from the start. Don’t be like them. 

Choose Familiar Solutions 

Well, this might sound obvious. However, many learners are fond of discovering something new. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing the informational topics to write about, it is better to stick to something you already know. This simple technique will help you spend less time researching and collecting the most striking facts fast. It might be good for overloaded students who combine working and studying. 

Be Original

When looking for some topics online, you will surely come through dozens of similar solutions. The truth is that some of your classmates will definitely choose one of the common ideas to write about. However, if you would like to get extra points for your academic assignment and grab the attention of the entire class, it is better to search for some out-of-the-box ideas. By the way, it is still important to make sure your solution is connected with the subject of your paper. 

Look for New Alternatives 

There are tons of outdated informative essay topics for college available online. Some of them were offered to students more than a decade ago! Therefore, any student should be critical when choosing a paper’s idea and select only latter-day solutions. 

Another approach to select a superior paper’s idea is to look over a list of these ideas:

  • find an answer to a question of current interest;
  • find several solutions to a chosen problem;
  • describe a cause-effect relationship;
  • come up with cutting-edge research;
  • expose a myth.

What Informative Essay Topics Are Better Avoided? 

It might be difficult to find a list of no-no topics for your academic paper. However, with these tips, you will have an opportunity to analyze the chosen idea to make sure it suits your assignment. So, what topics for informative essays are no longer good? 

Based on Faith 

Some students have strong faith and use some religious facts as evidence to support their ideas. However, learners with other beliefs might find your arguments too weak and ineffective. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose ideas that are somehow connected to religion. 

Too Complex

Composing an informative paper doesn’t require coming up with high-volume writing. Remember that you will only have several pages to describe the facts and examples. Consequently, don’t choose too complicated ideas that involve coming up with too many details. 

Same Old 

The professor has definitely read dozens of papers about bullying and capital punishment. If you would like to write about a common topic, it will be great to find a new angle. 

Too Personal 

If you choose a topic that has a strong connection to your life, it might be difficult for you to write objectively. It is better to select neutral solutions that don’t evoke too many emotions. You need to compose your paper with a clear and critical mind. 

Easy Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

Most learners face the need to compose a brilliant informative paper when studying at middle school. Fortunately, there are many easy topics you can put into practice to impress the class with top-notch writing skills. 

  1. The role of healthy nutrition for the human’s overall well-being. 
  2. Being kind is the most important thing for every person.
  3. The differences between American and European cultures. 
  4. The impact of changing schools on communication skills. 
  5. Why is it harmful to play video games for hours?
  6. How to stop poverty in developing countries.
  7. The importance of learning foreign languages.
  8. Why should all students do morning exercises? 
  9. How to improve your healthy eating habits. 
  10. The most unforgettable person in my life.
  11. Should all school children wear uniforms?
  12. Most effective ways to achieve your goals.
  13. Should smartphones be prohibited at schools?
  14. Should governments prohibit zoos? 
  15. The negative impact of smoking on health. 
  16. The most effective way to train your cat. 
  17. How to solve the conflict of generations.
  18. The impact of colors on your mood.
  19. The best way to cook a pie.
  20. How to become a successful adult.
  21. Easy ways to find new friends. 
  22. An event that changed my life.
  23. Racism issues at school.
  24. Reasons for child obesity.
  25. The importance of Paralympics.

Informative Essay Topics for High School: Best Ideas 

Composing papers at high school requires demonstrating more impressive writing abilities than at middle school. That is why it is important to choose more complicated topics for your academic assignment. This way, you will have an opportunity to uncover your talents and show off fantastic analytical skills.

  1. Should all students continue education after finishing high school?
  2. Can environmental issues lead to the extinction of the human race?
  3. How to choose the college to continue learning.
  4. Best solutions for productive learning.
  5. Should school textbooks become cheaper? 
  6. Ways to stay safe when using social media.
  7. How to eliminate distractors during learning.
  8. Privacy issues students often face online.
  9. Benefits of consuming vitamins and minerals.
  10. Why do so many teens suffer from depression?
  11. How to build a career as a professional gamer.
  12. Ways to become less anxious before exams. 
  13. Measures to control global warming.
  14. Impact of COVID-19 crisis on education.
  15. Reasons for the popularity of electric vehicles.
  16. Origins of feminism and its role in modern society.
  17. How to become popular on YouTube.
  18. The evolution of Greek culture.
  19. Should child labor be prohibited worldwide?
  20. The crucial moments in the Civil War.
  21. How to handle a panic attack? 
  22. Health effects of passive smoke.
  23. How to fight caffeine addiction?
  24. How to stop cybercrimes. 
  25. Advantages of vaccination.

Handy Informative Essay Topics for College Students

Learning at college is the time when you will be assigned tons of different academic assignments. An informative essay is one of the most difficult types of tasks students need to complete. However, choosing an easy topic may help with assignment writing. 

  1. Factors that influence a learner's academic performance.
  2. The impact of diabetes on the quality of life. 
  3. The role of marketing campaigns in driving sales.
  4. Latest discoveries in treating serious diseases. 
  5. The importance of recycling waste.
  6. The impact of capitalism on the global economy.
  7. The youngest billionaires in the United States.
  8. Signs that a person requires consulting a psychologist.
  9. The consequences of the Black Lives Matter movement. 
  10. Most common disorders caused by stress.
  11. How to fight insomnia without prescription drugs. 
  12. The consequences of economic crises.
  13. The most effective advertising channels.
  14. New religious concepts of the 21st century.
  15. Most effective ways to pay off a student loan.
  16. How to choose a laptop for learning.
  17. Effective ways to get your first job.
  18. How much rest should a common student have?
  19. The nature of viruses and the ways to stop them. 
  20. Easy ways to lose weight. 
  21. How to start your business. 
  22. The benefits of vegetarianism.
  23. Future of artificial intelligence. 
  24. How to fight social inequality.
  25. The future of E-commerce.

Top Interesting Informative Essay Topics

If you are looking for unique and exciting ideas for your academic assignment, discover the most sapid solutions below. 

  1. Which types of businesses failed to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. How to increase employment rates of the fresh graduates.
  3. Mobile apps that will likely revolutionize the digital world.
  4. How to become a chief cooker if you lack cooking skills. 
  5. Advantages of learning and building a career abroad. 
  6. The impact of proper hydration on human health.
  7. Why should students watch fewer TV series?
  8. Can gambling become a stable source of income?
  9. How to spend more time learning foreign languages?
  10. Consequences of the modified-food-crops ban.
  11. How to use solar energy more effectively?
  12. Negative consequences of drinking energetics.
  13. Impact of lockdown on the tourism industry.
  14. How to stop feeling lonely and frustrated?
  15. Most effective ways to resolve conflicts. 
  16. Colonization of Mars: myth or reality?
  17. Factors that cause teenage pregnancy.
  18. How to help children fight phobias.
  19. Is plastic surgery really important?
  20. Advantages and risks of organ donation. 
  21. Why shouldn’t students do tattoos?
  22. Facts and mysteries of black holes. 
  23. The future of cinematography.
  24. Recent discoveries in astronomy.
  25. The future of smartphones.
  26. Why is reading books important?

How to Complete Your Assignment Within the Shortest Terms 

Composing a readable and comprehensive academic paper that doesn’t contain any inconsistencies and mistakes might seem impossible. However, if you focus on your goal and try to do your best, the chances are that you will succeed. To make your job easier, it might be a good idea to follow the basic writing schema.

Understand the Rules

Each academic paper is unique. Therefore, before you start writing an informative research paper, it is vital to determine its requirements. Mostly, you can find all the necessary info in the professor’s instructions. However, if you find something unfamiliar, it is better to double-check the information to avoid mistakes in the future. 

Do the Research Wisely

Not only will you need to grab arguments and examples for your paper, but you also make notes about the sources used in the research phase. You can also add bookmarks to the sites and online libraries you use when looking for the necessary information. This trick will significantly simplify the process of composing references.

Draft an Outline

Avoid starting to write your essay by representing the most striking facts you’ve collected when doing the research. It is better to make a draft of an outline and draw a simple schema of which arguments you will use in particular paragraphs. This solution will help you come up with a clear essay structure and avoid any mess in your writing. 

Don’t Start With Introduction 

Many learners begin writing by composing an introduction and often feel stuck right at the start. However, you can create the body paragraphs first and then move to write a thesis and other paper parts. The writing order is not essential when it comes to developing a brilliant paper. 

Best Solution for Writing a Successful Informative Paper

Still looking for good topics for an informative essay? Feeling lost in dozens of various ideas and solutions? Have some doubts about your brilliant writing skills? It’s time to solve all these puzzles. 

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