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If you are here, then you’ve most probably got a problem with your research proposal. Fortunately, you are at, and we are specialized in solving such issues. Let’s see what you need.

Writing a Proposal for a Research Paper

A research proposal gets a student confused quite frequently. That’s normal, especially when one considers the fact that students don’t write them every day. It’s not a regular essay. It’s a different paper. So, you might get stuck due to unusual requirements an assignment sets for you and your writing mastery. In case you don’t feel confident enough, that’s the reason to call for professional help.

Nevertheless, even if a student knows how to write a research proposal correctly, they might still be unable to complete an assignment on their own. And the fact that you can’t do that yourself does not make you a lazy or a bad student. The point is, there can be multiple reasons preventing you, such as:

  • lack of sleep;
  • mental exhaustion;
  • family issues;
  • personal life troubles;
  • other unpredicted circumstances and emergencies.

If you feel overloaded with troubles already, trying to carry them all by yourself is mostly senseless. You don’t want to sacrifice your academic results to solve other problems, do you? That works the opposite way, too: nobody would be happy to ignore their life troubles just to keep up with good grades.

Fortunately, you don’t need to. Relax, and know that your studying performance will be fine, no matter what happens. Superbgrade will take care of it.

Research Proposal Writing Service: Get Academic Help is a professional academic assistance company. We provide students of all levels (high school, college, or university) with qualified help on writing, proofreading, and editing. During years of our operation, we have got immense experience in the field, and that qualification brought us thousands of satisfied clients. Some statistics: 8 out of 10 customers who ask us for help once come back to work with their assigned writer again.

What’s the secret of our outstanding performance and popularity? The standards of our work that allow us to stand among the best academic assistance services on the web are based on five strong pillars. Check them out below.  


The quality of every paper we complete is undisputed. How can our team be so incredibly self-confident? The reason is simple: we work with the best writers only.

Yes, every team member that will help you complete your assignments is an expert holding a scientific degree in their field. Their Masters and PhD diplomas are backed up with real scientific and practical job experience. Moreover, every writer passes a challenging qualification test before getting access to your orders. That is why your assistant from knows all the rules touching the formative aspects, edition problems, composition, and all other aspects of writing a research proposal. Quality is always our number-one priority, no matter what happens.


It’s always better for a quality service for students to be affordable. Our assistance is not the cheapest opportunity available on the web, and we know that. The thing is, our price is the fairest one you can find.

Other services either sacrifice the quality of their papers to offer cheap services or ask clients to overpay for assignments that are far from being the best. At, we don’t save costs on staff members. But at the same time, our business model does not suppose to earn as much as possible. Perfect cost and quality balance are key for us to look extremely attractive for our customers.  


We know how valuable time is for a student. Even a perfectly written research proposal turns into a useless piece of content after the deadline expires. Being late with their writing it’s not an option for students, graduates, or PhD candidates.

Neither is it for us. Two broken deadlines mean immediate contract dismissal for writers working with the company. They know there will be no negotiation. So, after more than five years of our functioning, only responsible and punctual writers remain with us. They won’t let you down, even if your deadline is minimal.

By the way, if your case needs us to react even faster than in 6 hours, you shouldn’t fall into despair. Our team worked with many orders requiring immediate reaction, so most probably, we’ll figure out something to solve your problem.


No academic community tolerates plagiarism. When it comes to a research proposal, copying someone else’s work is just pointless. That is why every order of that type we get is bound to be unique.

Our writers will pay maximum attention to your requirements, wishes, and suggestions to craft a deeply custom, 100% plagiarism-free research paper proposal. Additionally, a single intentional issue connected with plagiarism will cause an instant company’s reaction, and the writer involved in it will be excluded from the team.

Moreover, the uniqueness of our papers is backed by powerful professional software solutions we use. Quality control department members are always attentive and thorough to make sure that even accidental plagiarism will not get into a final draft of your research proposal.


The last but not least important thing here is the security and privacy of our customers. Nobody will ever have any possibility to know that you used the assistance of writers. Our servers are ultimately protected with the use of the latest hardware solutions and software apps to keep your personal data, credit card info, and other essential things you entrust to us secured.

Additionally, our policies clearly state that we don’t disclose or spread the private info of our clients under any circumstances but official legal requests. Consequently, your friend, groupmate, family member, or professor will never reveal the fact of our cooperation. There is literally nothing to worry about.

Assistance with Writing a Research Proposal – Order Now

If you are considering an opportunity to buy some help with your research proposal, essay, or any other academic paper, stop thinking. The fact that you are here already means that you need assistance.

Place an order, and let solve all your academic troubles!

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    Place an order
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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • How many pages should a proposal have?
    As a rule, such papers require compliance with a limit of 10-20 pages. However, there are cases where proposals could run 50+ pages. This length depends on the requirements of your professor and the topic chosen. However, you'd better clarify this parameter in advance.
  • What is the format for writing a research proposal?
    In general, you should stick to a format that includes intro, background and problem statement, question or hypothesis, and objectives. These are the main aspects you should know. However, you can always ask your professor about the details to avoid mistakes and comply with all requirements.
  • How much does it cost to buy a research paper?
    The final price is a mix of many factors. First, you must specify the number of pages and the deadline. The final price also depends on the selected academic level and topic. Indicate all the current requirements, and only then will you be able to find out the price.