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Every year thousands of students apply for grad schools. It is a long and stressful period in young people’s lives. Unfortunately, those who want to pursue further higher education will have to embrace this journey and do their best to succeed. Though, the fact that it is challenging doesn’t mean that young people have to do everything alone. Barely any grad school admission can be complete without a personal statement. Here’s where you can count on us to help. Let’s see what kind of help you can buy and what you should expect by contacting professional custom writing services. 

What is a Personal Statement? 

A personal statement is a piece of writing that demonstrates an individual's achievements, goals, interests, talents, and more. Such a paper is often a necessary requirement for the candidates who apply for universities and colleges. The paper provides the admission board with valuable information about the candidate and helps assess future students. Hence, this paper can play a crucial role in one’s admission. 

Such a paper is often of limited length. Usually, it is no longer than three to four pages. However, those few pages must be convincing enough for a college to make you an immediate offer. As you understand, thousands of students send out their applications to colleges every year. Hence, they read thousands of similar works. A student needs to make something spectacular with their personal statement if they want to impress a college admission and stand out among other similar papers. 

Writing a personal statement for grad school is a challenging task. A lot will depend on the success of this work. Its value to the future of a student’s education and further career is hard to overestimate. This is why many of them seek personal statement writing help from professional writers and writing services. Here’s what they can expect after asking for such help. 

Open Communication

Our personal statement writing service is always there for our clients. We provide all our customers with 24/7 customer support. Hence, whenever any student has a question about their order status or wants to make some adjustments to the previous instructions, we can make it happen right away. Communication and cooperation are the key elements to our success. Our customer service is there to provide clients with any type of help they may need, even if it’s just to reassure them about any of their concerns. 

A personal statement is not like any other academic piece of writing. This particular assignment requires an individual approach as it should show an insight into a person’s life, goals, and dreams. The need to personalize this essay is often the reason why many applicants are hesitant about ordering services online. “How can a writer, a complete stranger to me, know how to write a paper about me?” Well, they can, and they do. They do so with your help, of course. 

At superbgrade, we are very keen on the importance of open communication, especially when it comes to ordering like this one. So to do our job well, we will have to start with a line of questions that will help us better understand one’s motives for needing such a paper in the first place. Most students have ready answers to our questions, while others may think about those questions for the first time. In both cases, pondering about the issues that should be the foundation of a personal statement is a rather effective way to start your paper. 

Once we have all the answers we need for future work, we begin. In case our experts or our clients have any questions, they are free to contact one another for any additional information. Thus, you don’t have to worry about losing yourself in a customarily written piece. With professional writers from, this will never happen.

Meeting Any Budget

Our services are very affordable since you will pay for the exact amount of work that you will order. Our policy includes clear price ranges on every type of service we provide. Hence, you will not have to pay for anything that will not appear in your work. It is especially convenient when students order papers like personal statements since they are rather different from typical academic assignments.

With, you will see that it is possible to offer high-quality yet cheap products. It’s possible due to our policy of paying exactly what you need. Besides, we even offer some services for free as gifts. Our client can always count on the first few free revisions, for example. Overall, here’s what you paying for when buying services from us: 

  • 24/7 customer support;
  • writing;
  • plagiarism checker;
  • proofreading;
  • editing;
  • free revisions.

These services are all included in the deal from the start. There are no hidden costs or charges later on once the deal is already sealed. 

Narrow Specialists

Having great specialists for the occasion is a must when it comes to ordering like this one. A narrow specialist will have a better time completing a unique, effective piece that will have a long-lasting effect on the members of the admission. Besides, these papers will always be different depending on the type of school you are applying for. If you are applying for a law school your essay will look much different than if you were to send a statement for a medical school. These two are rather different works that come from different mindsets, expectations, and personal goals. A good writer should be able to understand that and show those differences in the texts. 

Fortunately, we have writers who come from various educational fields. Thus, they will have an easy time accommodating each client, whether they are law, med, or any other student. Having writers with experience from those fields help us meet all the personal needs of our clients. So you can be sure that your statement will be in the hands of a person who understands your goals, ambitions, and dreams. They will do everything in their power to make your custom-written paper look professional and deeply personal at the same time. 

Not to mention that we take great pride in the fact that our writers are graduates of top universities. Their experience and education certainly help them to write the best papers for our clients. The process of coming up with the best personal statement takes a lot of inside knowledge of a university and the system of the admission board. 

Trust the Experience

With all the provided information and our writers’ great experience in the field, you should expect only the best results. Any expert at our disposal will not just deliver you a piece of writing that can help you receive a spot at any grad school that you want. They will also help you to discover your own voice. Every word on the paper that we deliver will be your word. The only difference is that we help put those words in better order, creating beautiful, coherent, and convincing text. 

Writing is something that requires a lot of skills, time, and experience. Many young people often lack at least one of those components. Fortunately, our specialists have all of them. Hence, it is our job to help these young people to have the best paper they can. By creating beautiful texts, we help students to discover their voices. We show them how they would have sounded if only they had more time to practice putting their thoughts on paper. 

Moreover, our writers will do their work paying full attention to the admission’s instructions and requirements. No grad school has the exact same policy about writing a personal statement. Following these instructions are important as they will demonstrate a candidate's attention to detail as well as respect for the rules. Of course, if you are planning to apply for more than one grad school, you will also need more than one personal statement for each school. Such a decision will show your individual approach to each school as well your strong interest in each one of them. 

Besides, an experienced writer knows the best way to please any college admission board. It takes skills and practice to see each instruction’s nuances and play them well in a text. Moreover, most schools have their individual agenda, set of values, beliefs, and norms that they want to see in their students. A skillful writer can find those values and demonstrate them in a personal statement of a student. 

To Conclude

Each personal statement must tell a story. It should be convincing, honest, and beautifully written. Those students who don’t feel like writing those stories is in their power must seek professional help with writing a personal statement online. In fact, the demand for such help is so high that it created tough competition in the market. This is why a student must not fear contacting professionals from and asking them for assistance. We understand the importance of such an order. We have great, experienced writers who are perfect for this job. Though, most importantly, we understand that if we don't do our best, someone else will. 

We value each client who comes to us for help, and we strive to make them happy. Thus, we can continue our cooperation further once they get into the schools of their dreams. Most of our clients are regular ones. These are the students who have already tried our services and were satisfied with our results. They have trusted us, and we delivered. Contact us today and make sure of the quality of our services yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • Do universities actually read your personal statement?
    Yes, this is true. Moreover, such a paper can help you achieve the desired results. All you need is a clear strategy and quick academic assistance to consider all the requirements and achieve a result. Any personal statement matters.
  • What is the format for writing a personal statement?
    It should be noted that the format of such a task may differ depending on the educational institution and the established requirements. The only thing that remains unchanged is 5-8 paragraphs. In general, your best bet is to ask your professor all the details right away to avoid trouble.
  • How much does it cost to order a personal statement?
    To find out the final price, you will have to provide some data. How many pages should your personal statement have? Indicate academic level, deadline, and additional requirements. This set of data will help form the final price for the assignment.