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Film Analysis - Tango

Tango es un nombre simple para una pelicula compleja. La historia de una directora de danza de tango, esta pelicula trata de la juventud y el envejecimiento, con papeles de genero y estructuras de poder, con el espectro consumista de los regime...
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2021-04-28 23:43:39

Discussion Questions on Language Teaching

1. Justification of the usefulness of communicative language, grammar in context and test-based language teaching.Communicative language teaching (CLT) -it is a type of teaching that has no particular attention regarding grammatical stru...
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2021-04-23 17:18:52

How and Why Linguist Imperialism Exists

IntroductionMy worries were triggered by two shocking revelations: one survey conducted by an NGO reported that the extensive failure in Namibia to use English as the main medium of education has cost its education sector. The second one...
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2021-04-27 17:07:07

The Study of Language

(i)State two ways in which the English and! Xóõ consonant systems differ from each other. Consider only the table of “regular” consonants (the next question is about clicks). Here are two examples of what you might wri...
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2021-04-27 17:59:41

Sectores de la Vivienda en Puerto Rico

El sector de la vivienda es uno de los componentes mas esenciales de la vida de las familias individuales. Es tan servicial como es rentable. Sin embargo, los estilos de vivienda siempre han sido diferentes en funcion de impresion de un artista...
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2021-05-01 04:08:40

Connection Between Language and Culture

Traditionally, language and culture are intricately related. However, the fundamental relationship between language and culture has not been effectively incorporated into the language learning materials. According to Gudykunst (2003), the expli...
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2021-05-03 13:36:22

Experience of English to Non-English Speaking Freshmen Students

The primary goal of this study is to review the experience of English language to non-English speaking freshmen students. Therefore, the theoretical framework guiding this study will examine the challenges non-English speaking freshmen face bot...
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2021-05-03 04:37:13
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Issues in Bilingual Education

The United Arab Emirates has a differing social and multilingual society. Its official language is Arabic (MSA), which is not utilized for regular communications but rather is utilized as a part of scholarly connections, for example, reading th...
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2021-05-06 14:45:13

ELL Case Study: Spanish and English Languages

Mary is a 7th grade, Spanish speaking student attending classes that offer native language literacy programs to Spanish speaking students. For her case Spanish is her primary language used by peers, parents and at home. Mary has been facing cha...
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2021-05-07 01:06:02

Language as Part of a Countrys Institutions and Person Identity

The outer or extended circle has the earlier phases of English in different settings, where the language has become part of a country's main institutions and plays an important 'second language' role in a multilingual environment. The varieties...
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2021-05-07 18:19:54